Online shopping continues to increase the proportion of online entrepreneurs bring spring

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with the continuous development of the Internet and e-commerce, online shopping has come true to our side, the Chinese people become enthusiastic about the new way of consumption. According to statistics, China’s total online shopping reached 13205 billion yuan, an increase of 64.7%. In the context of economic slowdown, the online shopping market continues to maintain strong growth.

1998 eBay founded, opened the curtain of e-commerce in china. Then, a variety of large and small B2C C2C website, which along with bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, development, China economic ups and downs, which makes China online shopping market matures, due to various reasons of the history of the development of online shopping become China dust.

2003 in May, was established, 20 days will usher in 10 thousand registered users, to attract a series of free measures launched, a large number of former eBay sellers also stationed in Taobao.

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