To join the small pot project was elected Chongqing Chaotianmen air defense hole dry pot

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said a dry pot, Xiao Bian will never forget the time on the university cafeteria on the third floor window dry pot is always waiting in long queues, I want to eat a small meal dry pot must wait until the weekend, hurry to eat dinner time have the opportunity, do popularity pot can see one. Dry pot delicious, however, taste in line with the public taste, to join the pot you only make money.

Chongqing Chaotianmen shelter dry dry pot pot with well-known brand membership Chongqing Banghui catering group, since its inception the brand, has been well received by delicacy enthusiasts, the main characteristics is that taste good, the price close to the people, a variety of dishes and the amount of feet in Chaotianmen, shelter dry pot straight camp shop, we received a lot of consumers and without a lot of franchisees, praised for its delicious.

Chongqing Chaotianmen shelter dry pot taste delicious, but not greasy oil, it will dry shrimp pot one full, tall, fleshy, see the pot of the past is full of shrimp, dry pot broth is repeatedly cleaned after the clerk, into the pot and cook, colored dishes concentrated smell, delicious in the center of the pot. Since the introduction of various dishes, and the price and the component is proportional to the way, welcomed by the market, which also led to a large increase in the reputation of Chaotianmen air defense dry pot brand.

so far, Chaotianmen shelter dry pot to join the shop has grown to more than and 300 throughout the country, every family business to a meal can also see all of this All seats are occupied., Chongqing dry pot recognition of Chaotianmen shelter dry pot recognition, similarly, we also welcome more interested parties to join us Chaotianmen, work together to create a shelter dry pot more brilliant tomorrow.

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