Sichuan CPPCC members hot migrant workers return home how entrepreneurship

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before and after the Spring Festival, many regions have started to return home entrepreneurship, employment slogan propaganda. Be able to get rich at home, this is the heart of many migrant workers, but there are a lot of people are very worried: where the door of employment opportunities?

"I support your proposal, must try to stay in our rural migrant workers employment base." The afternoon of January 28th, the provincial people’s Congress, Sichuan scholar fruit industry Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Xingju received a call from the phone company manager. With the increase of migrant workers returning home before the Spring Festival, the leading agricultural enterprises plan in early February, the dam feast party and organizing the way of learning, to attract young rural laborers at home employment.

for employment, Zhang Xingju is experiencing "double day". While, with the increase of laid-off migrant workers returning home after the enterprise is located in the city of processing plants do not have to worry about "recruitment difficult", a few people to apply for a job, in fear of unemployment, work more carefully; on the other side, enterprises located in the rural industrial base, it is hard to find, "now at least need 200 workers and technicians."

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users victims question:

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"migrant workers migrant workers employment difficulties and income decrease phenomenon, a large number of migrant workers returning home have entrepreneurial intention." Provincial CPPCC member Xiang Wenxu reflected in the proposal.

from the export of labor in Dazhou City, vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC members, Dazhou City Union party secretary, Jia Dexian believes that migrant workers skill level is generally low, it will become a key issue restricting the re employment of migrant workers returning home.

delegates suggested:

"to strengthen the research on migrant workers, understand their real needs, according to the need to carry out the recommendation

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