Electricity supplier recruitment domineering talent phobia push high salary foam

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] the "financial" reported according to the Beijing morning news, "for 1 years or above working experience, proficient in C++ programming language, the basic salary of 200 thousand to 400 thousand." This is the recruitment of the network on the release of Wanda Group is preparing electricity supplier recruitment notice. There are more "domineering". An electric shock, vice president of the general level of recruitment and staffing requirements are listed in the Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong and almost all of the electricity supplier list, as long as the work can be.

according to Zhaopin released data show that the Internet e-commerce talent demand continues to heat up, in May as an example, last year’s position information is 90 thousand, and this year jumped to 260 thousand. The size of the electricity supplier or who are walking on the road leading to the electricity supplier companies who suffered the same problem, talent hunger and thirst!

in accordance with the data given by the relevant research institutions, the next ten years, China’s electricity supplier talent gap will reach between 2 million and 5 million. As the traditional industry giants this year, such as Suning, Gome, Wanda Group, hongxingmeikailong strength among the electricity supplier, except in the resources industry and business enterprise to snatch, the war for talent will continue to be staged.

scouring shoes network president Wang Dongzhu encountered one thing, almost became the most typical example of the industry to verify the status of talent. An internship in their only three months of employees, but the other electric enterprises dug, and transformed into the electricity supplier operations director digging "enterprise"".

many large enterprises also in worry, not long ago, the founder Lei Jun millet technology explosion had spent more than and 50 hours to dig an engineer, aged Eslite also used two years time to dig a person.

electricity supplier personnel salary is not high to the horrifying news. Recently, the famous millet technology to 2 million annual salary to recruit marketing director. IResearch analyst had released a recruitment Wanda Plaza is "domineering". Deputy chief of staff and the requirements of the level of staff, was listed in the Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong and almost all of the electricity supplier list, requiring work can be. "They find 10 unknown headhunters, call everywhere, even I have been harassed several times, it is not reliable! You have to be careful!" even in the United States listed Mcglaughlin CEO also said to be caught by headhunters.

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