Tencent electricity supplier brewing and then adjust pat Network and QQ mall or face integration

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has just come out from Tencent independent, invested $1 billion to set up a Tencent electricity supplier holding company is brewing a new round of big adjustment. Last week, the Tencent announced in the QQ online shopping business dangdang.com, become the book channel operators; dangdang.com baby channel will be in this month officially stationed in the QQ online shopping. At the same time, by the Tencent holding 80% of the easy fast network will become the Tencent business "proprietary" part of the past business line and Tencent such as QQ and pat Network mall will also face the integration of Tencent business line adjustment is brewing.

it is understood that Dangdang Book channel is exclusive attitude stationed QQ online shopping, becoming the latter category of the book’s exclusive operator. QQ online shopping said that dangdang.com sales of 790 thousand kinds of books in the library through the background of China Unicom, all can be purchased directly through the QQ online shopping platform; consumers purchase orders of commodity in QQ online shopping platform will enjoy the synchronization and dangdang.com discount prices by dangdang.com is responsible for shipping and distribution, and can enjoy the same dangdang.com goods to the user payment, fake a lose five, 15 city center door refund, same day delivery, 143 core city on the next day and night to send such a unified Dangdang service. In addition, consumers can purchase online customer service through QQ telephone channel consultation or complaints. According to Dangdang relevant responsible person said, Dangdang will also have a dedicated telephone customer service staff to support QQ online shopping and Dangdang related business needs.

in dangdang.com, QQ has introduced online shopping easy fast network, good music to buy, Kelan diamonds, one shop, wheat bags B2C QQ online shopping website, will be built in electricity providers an open platform. However, with the increase in the proportion of Tencent easy fast Network Holdings, QQ online shopping self plan also put on the agenda. It is understood that the Tencent has been holding fast and easy network 80%, which has assumed the QQ online shopping self positioning, and from 3C digital products to other categories for lateral expansion. Tencent electricity supplier sources said, easy fast network proprietary part will be complementary with other B2C partners in the open platform. In addition, Tencent’s past electricity supplier business lines such as pat Network and QQ mall will also face integration. It is understood that the C2C platform for personal users pat Network will be integrated into the QQ online shopping, into the market role, for personal small sellers, pat brand is retained has not yet been finalized. While facing the big seller QQ mall has become a history, in which the quality of the merchant was led into the QQ online shopping platform to open up, and B2C partners within the platform to form a complementary. Tencent electricity supplier said, according to the "open platform" to build B2C+ quality business ideas, the Tencent’s business electricity supplier pat, QQ mall, easy fast, mobile providers, service life, digital distribution business integration to QQ online shopping platform.

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