How to refine the marketing channel point of view of how to use WeChat micro marketing platform for

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with the rise of mobile Internet, WeChat as a mobile terminal entrance, in all walks of life have shown a strong marketing capabilities.

One of the

in the Spring Festival most happy thing is to "grab" WeChat red, less than a few cents more, but also tens of dollars, WeChat to build a platform to grab a red envelope, without firing a shot, but let the users of WeChat is "Crazy", is somewhat unexpected, the horse is called a cloud "the attack on Pearl Harbor". Since quietly on the line in January 26, 2014, WeChat grab red quickly popular, its popularity, no less than the previous hit the aircraft games. After receiving a red envelope to want to cash, you must bind the bank card, so that the number of users to pay a large increase in binding WeChat. Tencent data show that from the beginning of the new year’s Eve, when the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Ma Yun said: "micro credit for a night time, Alipay completed 8 years of work." Visible WeChat marketing potential is unlimited.

it is because WeChat’s potential is infinite, so the Internet appeared a large number of the establishment of the company, they claim to the fabrication of micro sites, micro mall, micro customer service and so on a series of WeChat public number, but the price from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, a WeChat beauty is born from the platform at first is help for their own use. As the product is more and more perfect, we are going to put him out of the market, for those who wish to do micro sites, micro mall business and service shops. The beauty of WeChat self-service platform (, only 5 minutes, easily build micro sites, micro mall. And do not need any technical capabilities, you only need to send micro-blog, hair blog can be completed on the WeChat public platform to build.

enterprise users how to do their own marketing micro public platform using WeChat? WeChat marketing is mainly reflected in the regional positioning marketing to Android systems, apple mobile phone or tablet computer system in the mobile client, businesses through WeChat public platform, combined with the beauty of WeChat self-service platform to build micro official website, micro, micro membership push, micro payment, micro activities, can form a mainstream online easy WeChat interactive marketing methods.

detailed marketing channels

public platform can be pushed to fans, including news, product news, the latest events and other news, and even be able to complete, including consulting, customer service and other functions.

can be sure that WeChat, in terms of information users push and fans’ CRM management is better than micro-blog. In particular, WeChat based on the mobile Internet, but also makes WeChat become particularly important marketing channels. WeChat CRM obvious public platform features, management can learn from the traditional CRM management, real-time feedback and feedback collection every day, sorting registration.

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