Biography of the world’s largest domain name registration agency GoDaddy external auction

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Beijing on September 11th news, according to foreign media reports, sources said Friday, the world’s largest domain registrar has been preparing for foreign auction sale, the final auction price is expected to exceed $1 billion.

sources said, had hired senior Silicon Valley banker Frank · Quattrone (Frank Quattrone) investment company under the command of Qatalyst Partners, the company responsible for handling the auction matters. currently manages more than 43 million domain names, some private companies will be expected to participate in the auction Up to now, and Qatalyst Partners per capita of this rumor is not possible. founder named Bob · (Bob Parsons), he founded the company in 1997, is still serving as the CEO of In addition to domain name registration services,’s business also includes the provision of e-commerce, security and other services to users and businesses in the presence of a demand hosting network. Sources said, in 2009 revenue reached $750 million to $800 million.

three years ago, there is news that Google is likely to acquire Google’s acquisition of on the grounds that the latter has a large number of domain related patents, and the company has a partnership with Google. a lot of domain related data will help to improve the quality of Google search.

network host and design company announced in mid June this year, the company will be $135 million acquisition of domain name registration service provider

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