Beijing the site is now involved in gun related explosive information will face shutting down

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Beijing in June 9, according to the Beijing police to carry out the "online firearms rule explosion" action, any website involving firearms and explosives and incorrigible harmful information, will be shut down, there are 6 illegal websites were shut down.

on the morning of 9 held a gun related news conference, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Management Division Director Tan Quan said that the police in the management of dangerous goods, carry firearms explosives found in action, involves a large number of knives, firearms and ammunition, explosives and other dangerous items of information in the network. At present, the police have to confiscate explosives and firearms network as one of the key.

it is understood that, in order to block these harmful information, Beijing police security, network security departments have established linkage mechanism, after the discovery of harmful information on the Internet, the security department will be traced to the ground. Police remind the public, although the network is a virtual society, but users need to be responsible for their words and deeds, through the spread of harmful information network also need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security management battalion Hong Yuan told reporters that at present, Beijing police have carried out propaganda to inform on the large and medium-sized website, asked the site to take the initiative to clean up harmful information; at the same time for trade websites were targeted deployment, timely detection and blocking harmful information. Police said, in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, if the website released pretty much illegal information and incorrigible, will face severe punishment was shut down. Since March 1st this year, Beijing police have the site involving dangerous goods more than 8.4 illegal information, search engine website snapshot more than 170, closed 6 illegal websites and 13 columns.

since March 1st started the gun related, Beijing police through notices, issued note cards and other promotional materials, and the organization for the sale of tool companies one by one safety inspection, strict implementation of real name registration system purchase and other measures, strict control of illegal sale behavior, carry knives.

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