The dream of Qinhuai Taobao bookstores to users closer to 1 cm

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Baidu library and the dispute between the author and the end of such a full stop: Baidu announced that the library of non authorized literature works basically empty, and the official launch of Baidu library copyright cooperation platform.

just now, talking with friends about electronic publishing, he complained: e-books can not replace the texture of paper books.

just a few weeks ago, Han Han Bowen released: "a letter to Mr. Robin Li", this sentence is very powerful: "you may not understand the publishing industry, I will simply introduce to you."

in recent years, the rapid development of the electronic publishing industry shows a cruel result: "the future of paper books is dark". Not long ago, the United States, "reader’s Digest" filed for bankruptcy protection event is to tell you the fact that it is true. However, library writers and Baidu referred to this stage is a fantastic. Combined with the recent Baidu has ah transformation, many people have to Baidu business model design ability to doubt.

heard this month, iPhone app store will be online bookstore based on Taobao, the application can be regarded as a Taobao exploration and progress in the field of application of industry. According to the author of the first to get the interface picture Taobao bookstores, surprised to see a list of press. No one can guarantee that Taobao books brought enough, but everyone will believe Taobao bookstores will not cause general turmoil dispute.


The solution of

for the comparison of several electronic reading applications, we can see Taobao book has the following characteristics:

1, the model is clear and rigorous, with a strong commercial enforceability. Perhaps, companies with DNA, the usual trading platform for Taobao is more suitable for paying business, and the habit of free economy Baidu has been involved in the field of payment can not find the North


2, respect for traditional food chain. Shanda e-book solutions more network, Taobao solutions more traditional. When everyone on the traditional publishing industry at Taobao, or stretched out a hand and provides integrated traditional publishing solutions, and even the introduction of third party electronic service providers.

3, very careful treatment of copyright. Some people say that copyright issues in China is no solution, Taobao did not take into account the legal loopholes to avoid, but the direct introduction of publishers, to solve the copyright risk through sharing.

4, in the positioning and take a grand different way, differentiated management. Shanda is the route of the network literature, Taobao is a professional publishing route. Relatively speaking, Taobao e-book user experience will be better, at least that typo will be less.

so, I conclude: in the field of e-books, we can use fairy tale characters to describe the role of several Internet giants like to play:

Alibaba – Santa Claus, like to bring you a gift to solve all your troubles;