March turnover of 2 billion 340 million mobile phone group purchase group purchase growth engine

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news April 24th, group purchase navigation site 800 today released the "March 2013 Chinese group purchase market statistics report", the report shows that in March this year, group purchase turnover hit a record high, reaching 2 billion 340 million yuan last month, an increase of 16.5%, an increase of 35.2% in March last year.

report shows, buy monthly visitors following the fall of February because the Spring Festival is the reason, this month to 40 million magnitude, reached 41 million 470 thousand, an increase of 12.9%; at the same time, March will continue to rise in the sale of a single group number reached 353 thousand, up 12.5%, compared to the same period last year rose more than 1 times. In addition, through continuous tracking of each category group purchase price, reflecting the overall price change of group purchase life index in March this year reached 140.6, in March last year, the index is 118, it is said that this year again group purchase prices nearly 20% over the same period, the CPI consumer price index rose 2.1%.

industry experts pointed out that the price of group purchase need to look at both sides, on the one hand, the domestic group purchase industry from the burn to grab the market transition to the stability and development of the stage, businesses and websites need to reasonable margin to ensure long-term healthy development, on the other hand to buy mobile phone and lead the group purchase free reserve group purchase also rise the group purchase turned to demand to buy, which is used to buy carry coupons, the consumer mentality is to find the cheapest from blindly into the pursuit of convenience, affordable experience.

first quarter turnover amounted to 6 billion 670 million yuan

according to the group 800 continuous statistics, buy in the first quarter of 2013, the overall turnover reached $6 billion 670 million, an increase of 14.8% over the same period last year in the fourth quarter. March to 2 billion 340 million yuan once again reached a record high, and this is also the domestic buy since last year in December, the monthly turnover of more than 2 billion consecutive monthly turnover of more than $fourth, while in the last year only in August and in December more than 2 billion yuan.

through the historical data can be found, group purchase monthly turnover of three key moments before July 2011, group purchase is "million times", the average monthly turnover in 1 billion yuan; in December 2012, the average monthly turnover of group purchase in 2 billion yuan, only in 2012 August to 2 billion 110 million yuan turnover exceeded 2 billion yuan, this stage is the group purchase "1 billion yuan" era; since December 2012, group purchase industry has steadily enter "2 billion yuan" era, the market’s overall growth record analysis, group purchase monthly turnover appears repeatedly the possibility is relatively small.

in this regard, industry experts, group purchase since the second half of last year, and gradually through the barbaric growth stage of vicious competition, the market environment is gradually return to rational, group purchase website also pay more attention to fine operation and enhance the quality of service. With the development of smart phones and mobile Internet, so that buy into a new stage of development, especially the need to buy an appointment without the gradual increase in the proportion of the user through the phone that group >