‘ll be on the road with flowers and tears

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is a small place, but 300 thousand to the population, in an area such as a regional website, is not easy, I start from BBS

on the one hand, I think BBS is the easiest to build, at least to build a relative website, more simple, open source DVBB, DZ, PW is a good weapon.

on the other hand, BBS is the only website, more lively, more freedom. Zhangzhou local websites need information, information, through the BBS is also very easy to express.

BBS promotion is also easier than the site. An ordinary small area, I did not expect a hot overnight, but the cumulative, continuous publicity, continuous

in order to promote me to do the following things:

first, I made " violation of city " it is really personally printed publicity BBS ads posted to the telephone booth and around the school propaganda showcase, on the one hand to attract a lot of visitors, one-time " " this is also called, because a forum does not start what can the real long-term attract elements. Despite this, the early or to bring a lot of traffic, visitors base, views were significantly increased by.

In addition,

and local sites to exchange links with each other, on the one hand has also brought a lot of popularity in the region has a certain degree of visibility

BBS early establishment, is really very bitter years, basically 2 days off is homely food, eyes flushed red, to the station, I also cast a 300 degree of glasses, especially for a period of time, the site was attacked, one after another open, popular basically almost loss. No way, finally changed the space to try, it is the original server machine lord offend others, and to lead the attack, I BBS it goes to near the brink of destruction. What forum no actual content, will personally go to copy, transfer to others, this time also worry the copyright issue, worried that their reprint infringes the interests of others, but no matter.

today, IP forum also stabilized at more than 500, I dare not say I can do what, also don’t know where the forum tomorrow, but when the line, as long as I see someone in the forum shopping, as long as there is a new post you see today, that sense of satisfaction and pride arises.

at the same time, I hope to have the same dream as I do, and I’m going through the best opportunity to make progress together with my friends. To do a little bit of experience in the local forum: eternal passion + good contacts

as a personal webmaster, flowers and tears together, I will always be on the way!