Webmaster network daily broadcast buy site number in March to reduce the 357 reshuffle continues

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1 buy site in March to reduce the end of the first line to buy 357 or only 3-5 home

NetEase Francisco April 23rd message, after Ganji quit group purchase F investment group, Tencent and friends came joint operations, or to show the pattern of group purchase website. In 2010, Chinese group purchase website appears, copying speed to get out of hand; in 2012, many well-known website group purchase layoffs, collapse, and the local group purchase website is a month hundreds of rate of evaporation. Just two years time, the domestic buy site quickly come fast".

due to the problem of profit model, the current domestic buy site is still a loss of state, investors wait and see and skeptical, so that the whole industry is full of more possibilities. In addition to individual group purchase website can realize the profit, the sales ranking of the website or through group cooperation and in accordance with the B2C website and find a way to pay. Gong Wenxiang believes that by the end of the domestic group purchase website live alone will not exceed three, and the group purchase website by Jingdong and a shopping mall, shop No. B2C business, B2C business users and become a substantial business expansion ring, is one of the future. The trend of competition will take hold together for warmth, each site position is not a. The United States Mission and the tick group said that is unlikely, the handle is said that the future will also consider cooperation platform.

2 site of the company by "Amoy Tao" by Taobao

sellers out

from the beginning of last year, a "Amoy in Amoy" network projects quietly spread across the country, the project initiated by the network company, the technical cooperation companies charge eight thousand or nine thousand to twenty thousand yuan range of construction cost to each seller signed a contract with Taobao. But according to "IT times" reporter survey, some companies for the implementation of a project, it is the opportunity to collect money. In a few months after the payment, more and more sellers found the trick, called "cheating", more sellers said this is "a blatant fraud".


cheated, why look for the Alibaba and the network rights? "According to the introduction in Amoy Amoy" official website, "Amoy Tao" is the standard of service for the need to have independent online store Taobao users. The services provided by website, it is "many companies recommend network DreamWorks website construction service trading platform", this kind of companies such as cool Amoy were also many people think the nets of agents or suppliers.

nets as a Alibaba holding company, launched in late 2010 "civilink DreamWorks" program, that will help Alibaba will subvert the domestic chaos of website construction service station market, remodeling new market order, the realization of "work in the extension strategy of Alibaba" by dreamworks." However, unfortunately, "civilink DreamWorks" plan seems to be some people use.

"if the Alibaba, Taobao, etc. the company authorized to use the network identifier, then promotion behavior legality; if the company to exaggerate the content of cooperation and Alibaba, and their own.