Kidnapping the whole industry chain For the financing of the United States began to play hooligans

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capital market trend, investors may see the most clear. Recently, the Jingdong and the Alibaba has announced a brisk earnings. Then, the share price from less than $20 / share low, straight up, become a stock takes stock of recent higher income; the latter, the same performance in American capital market strong, and $90 / share, hit a new high since listing.

investors understand. When no longer subsidize the war, the enterprise is also focused on services and technology, the GMV bigger, which is the standard of good business." A long-term concern for the brokerage industry analysts said, on the contrary, not for the purpose of profit, only to emphasize how much coverage of their own, how many loyal users, that is the ‘rogue’."

, however, the market, there is no lack of the trend of the enterprise. For example, the United States mission. At present, it is difficult to say, when this enterprise can profit. However, from a variety of public performance, the United States mission is kidnapping everyone on the industry chain, including businesses, consumers, and even their own employees.

use a large number of cheap labor

network Q & a community know almost, called "Qingying Leng" user is so described the U.S. group’s cost advantage.

for sellers, there are two ways to get a larger profit. One is a single piece of goods sold at high prices in order to obtain high profits. Another is puerile, every piece of goods only earn a profit, but the sales amount is huge, also can obtain high profits." He said that the United States Mission network is the use of this principle.

but on the industrial chain, the cost advantage is a prerequisite: the United States mission, the use of a large number of cheap labor. The past years of development, especially the promotion of four line and five line city in the U.S. group is relying on this group of so-called "Iron Army", occupy the market.

is said to be "used", because when the city expanded, the U.S. mission will immediately be laid off to reduce their operating costs.

day before, according to media reports, the United States has launched the "PIP plan", which is one or two, the three line of the city’s 15% employees, four or five line of the city’s 20% employees, will enter the elimination list of warning, "did not meet the two months, will be cut off". Accordingly, the layoffs will involve 4000 grassroots employees, the annual cost savings of about $200 million for the u.s..

report also said that more than ten thousand layoffs far exceeded the size of the previously expected. Moreover, from the beginning of August, a more stringent assessment, from general sales to the supervisor, and even to the rest of the operator".

kidnapping the entire industry chain

it’s just a kidnapping on the end of the industry chain. The United States also kidnapped the industry chain and downstream consumers. The sad thing is, in the case of not making money, a lot of subsidies, the United States Mission kidnapping or low consumer groups in the industry chain and