Daily topic way home to complete a new round of 300 million financing to share the economic model

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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) August 5th news, recently announced the completion of the way home network D round of $300 million financing, valuation of over $1 billion.

previously, the way home in May 2012 was A round of financing, in February 2013 to complete the B round of financing, two rounds of financing up to 400 million yuan in June 2014, the way home to complete the C round of $100 million financing. According to public information, after the completion of the C round of financing, the way home network investment including GGV capital, Lightspeed An Zhen Chinese venture capital, Qiming, broadband capital and CDH venture, the vacation rental service HomeAway.com, ctrip.

home was founded in 2011, focused on vacation rental business, providing tourist The Resort Apartments online search, query and transaction services. Different from the short hire platform Airbnb, the way home use self holiday rental platform, third party operator platform, butler service combined with the business model of the three.

has now covered 255 domestic destinations, overseas destinations, online listings more than 310 thousand sets, and mostly high-quality Hope Land Executive Serviced Apartment. At the same time, the way home has signed a contract with 170 domestic government agencies, and with the domestic top ten real estate development companies have reached a strategic cooperation, has signed a project over 600, housing reserves over 600 thousand sets, is in talks to housing projects over 5700.

and Airbnb  compared with the $25 billion 500 million valuation in June, the valuation of the home network of $1 billion is still small. The way home network and Airbnb valuation gap, Airbnb ratio reflects the way home network to the broader global business network, but also means that if the way home network to implement expansion plans, the company is expected to get further support to investors.


is often the capital market positioning for the China AirBnb, but the way home network CEO Luo announced that the way home network for high-end positioning in the market, set a few requirements: first, the online experience is consistent; second, the line experience; third, the line must pass. Luo Jun will be the way home network and other C2C rental sites separate, he will be more than the way home network is defined as O2O+B2C’s shared economic model.

current home is not profitable, but the middle part of the product is profitable." Luo Jun said that in view of the current mode of operation to take a variety of ways, part of the way home and offline online products have a certain profit margin.

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