News aggregation site Reddit financing 50 million valuation of up to 500 million

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the social sharing features strong news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of investment risk, site valuation of more than $500 million.


in the mobile Internet boom, not only by the risk of capital investment Hard Suits Inc, some of the personality of the content of the company (especially the news site), is to obtain high valuations of capital. According to the latest news, the United States to share the characteristics of strong social news aggregation site Reddit, is about to get a new round of venture capital, the site valuation of more than $500 million.

sources said, Reddit recently reached a preliminary agreement with investors, investors will inject $50 million to obtain a stake in the site of 10%, the site was valued at $500 million. It is reported that last year to seek investment, Reddit valuation is only about $400 million.

said, this round of investment promoters including Reddit co-founder Orhan Neil (AlexisOhanian), and the American science and technology business incubator company YCombinator, is the incubator of the company in 2005, "incubator" out of Reddit.

other investment institutions involved in investment, including the United States well-known Silicon Valley venture Anderson Horowitz company, as well as Sequoia capital.

Advance publishing company (magazine publishing giant Condé, Nast’s parent company), is currently the largest shareholder of the Reddit website, it is reported that the proportion of shares held at more than 50%. In 2006, Advance spent the acquisition of Reddit, a few years later, Reddit spin off independent operations.

in addition to major shareholders, Reddit site employee stock ownership system.

is reported that the current number of independent visitors Reddit up to 130 million people.

it is worth mentioning that, in the current mobile Internet boom, although smart devices, wearable devices and other hardware vendors, a risk investment darling, but at the same time, a large number of web content, has gained more and more high valuation, which includes a number of controversial features of news website.

at the beginning of August, Anderson, Inc., news aggregation site BuzzFeed, conducted a $50 million investment in this round of investment, BuzzFeed valuation reached $850 million. It is reported that, BuzzFeed’s monthly independent visitors up to 150 million people.

is also a favorable capital from various quarters of the news media is Vice, according to U.S. media reports at the end of August, because the Vice valuation is too high, Time Warner has withdrawn from the stock purchase negotiations, but also a television media giant A& ENetworks and Vice>;

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