The amount of cooperation of tens of millions of employees said that during the Olympic Games to hav

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According to the

called anonymous 360 security guards staff claimed that 360 security guards during the Olympics will be a lot of push pop. These pop is a portal and domestic cooperation. The cost of paying more than 8 digits. The following is the staff broke the news:

360 security guards general manager Fu Sheng to resign, the relevant R & D personnel or to leave, or to make a transition to pop, here are 360 security guards of the R & D personnel anonymous articles published:

360 can be reduced to rogue software for money, I can not sleep.

today, I decided to leave, leave the service company Qihoo 360 security guards for nearly two years, leaving the familiar office environment, accustomed to you to me to change. Today I’m gone… Sorry. Take away the dream of life, 360 (so call you) then you accept me, remember when I was a graduate student when you are 360 security guards, fulaoda summoned me to your arm, let me know my goal and the security software that is to make the country’s top


now I go, I just want to in this moment simply record my mood, then your mind is still brilliant agitation, the installed capacity of tens of millions of thrilled us, don’t forget we are free, we do not have any profit! Maybe we don’t know, then most people 3721 hate from our boss: Zhou Hongyi, but he made such a rogue software Zhuanshagongju, swing as almost all of the rogue software, of course this is all employees of credit, including my boss, Fu Sheng Fu Sheng! Should be regarded as the biggest player in 360, he let everyone know the 360 security guards, he made 360 and Kabasiji cooperation to facilitate everyone. Without his business relationship there is no 360 security guards today. But now, things are gone, boss…… We all have to go.

360 to

because of the strategic transformation, we bear the conscience, excessive work pressure will go, maybe you don’t know, this year 360 no longer work with Kaba, they decided to cooperate with Romania’s BitDefender. And this corresponds to our project team, is no longer the same as other colleagues continue to develop 360 of security technology, continue to repair the free soft kill BUG 360. It has been transferred to a new project in the research group! What do you know? Pop ads! Oh, maybe you have nightmares, 360 pop ads through the Olympic Games to come. We all know that we’ve always been free of no profit, even in collaboration with Kaba also earned a rebate not worth mentioning and advertising fees, and now, it will be 360 and a large domestic portal to launch advertising popups! Listen to my colleagues say cooperation cost up to eight bits. Now with 360 of users can always receive about 360 upgrade bubble tips, in fact, that we are debugging. Debug how to send messages to all users at the same time

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