Joint rumor sites in Beijing platform global real time search revision

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morning news (reporter Liu Yang) "joint rumor sites in Beijing platform opened again two weeks after the revision, the increased global real-time search function, users can just enter the keyword search query rumors. Yesterday morning, the capital of the Internet society news review Specialized Committee held, Beijing Internet rumor platform has publicized the 100 thousand rumors and fishing website information.

user login joint rumor sites in Beijing platform (, on the right side of the page above the new emergence of a rumor exposure table search box, if doubt on a piece of information in the information, can randomly select a keyword input dialog box, press the search button, the rumor platform is all the information related to the rumor it will be displayed in the search results. If you determine the query information for rumors, you can set up a variety of reporting on the platform to report directly to the rumor.

City Network Information Office official said that the rumor rumor unified data interface to be launched, will realize the seamless connection of each website rumor information. Then the screening and exposure of false information will be further accelerated.

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