China’s first taxi APP funds on the verge of breaking the industry will welcome reshuffle

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A new application of

every Internet from birth to fame is always accompanied by challenges from, from opportunity to change around Za, and then to venture competition, the Red Sea, foam……

can be a good industry, is the bubble faded, will usher in the survival of the fittest. But in this process, there will always be a pioneer to become martyrs, become a stepping stone industry.

‘s first domestic taxi APP shook the car money on the verge of breaking

recently, NetEase technology exclusively learned that the first domestic taxi APP shook his trick car because of funding difficulties have stopped promotion, because B round of financing has not been in place, shake shake action car capital chain on the verge of breaking.

According to a person close to

shook his trick car sources, shook his trick car due to fund shortage, has almost stopped all promotional activities in Shanghai and Shenzhen have also been removed.

at the beginning of this year, shook his trick car through the media announced the ongoing B round of financing, the amount of financing of up to tens of millions of dollars, this financing will be to the account at the end of March. However, five months later, shook his trick car financing success but has not heard news. The first round of financing in the promotion of the high cost of their own and yet to achieve profitability, has There is not much left.

after the beginning of the line investment Sequoia Capital A round of $3 million 500 thousand, shook his trick car started a large-scale promotion, in the end the driver promotion and operators, with 3G package contract machine free of charge to the driver, the price of 1000 yuan each. In this pioneering period shook his trick car, almost into the fight to win or die.

according to the data released by the shook his trick car, currently in Beijing has covered 20 thousand car drivers, this calculation, only in the driver side of the promotion expenses is as high as 20 million yuan, $3 million 500 thousand from Sequoia Capital just enough. High input, in order to obtain the market share of the largest degree of competition in the industry, while the car to shake the car, the market size has not been expanded, but continue to be squeezed. Later, Didi taxi taxi from Hangzhou quickly, quickly catch up from behind.

a shake shake action car internal staff to the NetEase of science and technology said, shake did not last in the competition the important reasons continued to maintain a leading position is the founder of Wang Weijian from the traditional industry, is not sensitive to changes in the mobile internet. In didi taxi has begun and Baidu map, High German map, where the network cooperation alliance access, fast taxi and Alipay, shake shake action car has not carried out any external action, leading to declining market share, this point, so shook his trick car angel Xu Xiaoping to be furious, shook his trick the car was marginalized.

industry generally face earnings dilemma will welcome reshuffle

in fact, except shook his trick car, taxi industry’s continued turmoil in the state: the Tencent investment has been shut down in the state toot taxi, and open.

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