Full network Feng Xiaohai vertical group purchase is the future trend

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saw a large on micro-blog said:

beauty group comments glutinous rice operation ability and resources are in the lead, is the first camp, two indicators are ranked Wo Wo Group and handle downward trend, from the first camp distance, the second camp, and full filled in the tick group, has been the lack of competitiveness.

product line visited the Chinese buy war in the survival of the site to buy the boss, to see how they plan their present and future. The first offer is for the full interview with Feng Xiaohai CEO. The situation is not very good full of speculation in the interview can be heard without end, we basically did not talk to other websites is what is important to him and the full development of group purchase is to see how.

goods transit network: buy into China for fourth years, do you think this year in 2013 to buy Chinese market structure will be how to change, a large group will be getting bigger and bigger?

Feng Xiaohai: group purchase site since 2010 rise to today, has been fourth years, we should not only discuss the group purchase mode, group purchase websites by starting local life O2O, risks and opportunities coexist, the pattern will have big change, different industry mergers and acquisitions also occur, the vertical development will produce new the elephant. Now the size of the front of the group purchase website also is the whole category of development, catering and entertainment services as a supplement, the so-called large, in fact, this is a big problem, if you can not continue to maintain high growth, and no new capital involved, will face two adjustments, this is not sensational and small; some of the sites to achieve profitability, to find a breakthrough in the direction as soon as possible, to find their own spring in the vertical industry. From the current share of each transaction, the size of the first market share of only 30%, compared with other Internet industry, the industry is still far from the elephant, because the market is too large.

of course I am not here to consider the changes caused by the intervention of the capital market. Not to build 3 to 5 times the competitive advantage of the leader, will face the risk of several resources followed with encirclement, it also highlights the website for business resources still has not formed the bargaining power. A well-known VC and I said, now the performance of the stock market is poor, the group still let him feel is that the trees can not see the forest, the more the more he needs the money he will not vote, he felt that he would have to wait.

goods transit network: full strategic planning what kind of development this year, do group purchase or transformation in other directions


Feng Xiaohai: full network is one of the few websites without the "group" website, because I have always felt that "mission" is only one form of marketing, said there is no transformation of the full say from this meaning, but it should be said that we are constantly upgrading products and services. 2013 is the full network of fourth years, from the company’s strategic development perspective, the first goal is for us to consolidate our earnings trend in 2013, the profit.

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