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pig fat, lazy guy? The


you’re too old. At first, the old pig from success, decided not to follow the monk around, on going it alone as an intermediary, and set up a website. The Internet age, who do not have a lot of website? The term intermediary too rustic, so the old pig named it the "Witkey", and


January 16, 2008, pig eight quit solemnly declared to the world, it will be free of charge for the production of 100 new year propaganda logo. January 30th, registration deadline. Because the time is tight, there are half a month to the Spring Festival, so we in the event of all tasks, tasks for a period of 3 days, the selection period for 3 days, this is to let everyone can hang on as soon as the new year LOGO "pig such commitment.

of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In the back of the free, pig eight quit attached a condition: that is to do the site must be logo for the old pig publicity. Hundreds of sites across the country together to advertise for the old pig, the old pig’s popularity is certainly rose, maybe a lot of MM has become an old pig fans.

honest shaceng is now a web site, see this news really feel drop from the clouds, this is a golden opportunity, immediately on his website called propaganda old pig article. Even Google, Baidu search to this article, the pig anxi.

every day in the past, the old man did not always see his logo. So, he called the old pig, asked to what extent the progress of. The old pig said, I’ll call you back later. However, he did not wait for the phone. February 7th is the Spring Festival, but until February 5th, the sand monk in the old pig website only see 36 sites on the list. The other 64 sites? He is very depressed. Is it just because in the network, you can so flicker? It really in the network because nobody knows you are a pig? He decided to put the article from the website for the pig’s article removed, and a flicker of "pig" article.

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