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[with the closure of, the Queen Street photographer TommyTon founded a personal website. "Vogue" once: "blog and show Ton status as important, there are]

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September 1st, operating for 15 years off, with 6 years of cooperation the first street photographer TommyTon came out alone, which is a top priority at the fashion house.

Tommy to create a new site, he will be released ten years of the past, the transfer of the more than 10 thousand photos, it is these photos, relying on the network publishing platform, and gradually establish his reputation as the first street shot.

1997, the 13 year old sister Tommy to record TV shows at home, suddenly saw a group of strong eye shadow, comb the hair out dazzling girl. He could not help but look down, until the legend of Gucci design director TomFord on stage to speak, features and not simply speech or describe the show, but the audience "teaser". Tommy then made clear the purpose of life: to enter the fashion world.

this story in an interview every time he would say, similar content. The story can be repeated, as long as his photos, photos of the people will never repeat it.

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Tommy is the editor of the fashion media, which is his habit of running out of the big fashion week. In 2005, he took the photographs to start their own online Jak& Jil, is open to everyone. At present, this approach is not unusual, but TommyTon is regarded as one of the founders of street sports, the use of blog and social media, the Internet will be directly connected to fashion and digital revolution.

media people do not show, or design clothes, but they are "living fashion". Because at the end of the day, can see T Taiwan, T Taiwan people love to see just a small group, the public need in the near side of the infection, as you know, Jobs, Bill · Gates Zuckerberg’s story, but really inspires you, is likely to be a success and the Jie fang. Tommy to shoot them until the month after month and year after year, was shot by his shooting and spread the fire up, then it means that always looks hunched, for others the famous photographer, they also make it right.

Tommy have not received professional training in photography, a digital SLR, autofocus, perhaps in that occupation photographer’s eye. But the biggest cost is the street photographer their eyes, is to capture the skill. The whole street by intuition, you only need to find someone worth shooting, do not need other analysis, to take it, to really let Tommy talk about why he beat a man, I’m afraid reluctant. This intuition, talented people to experience the natural formation of a certain degree, couldn’t really teach.

he uses a fashion vision, not an artist or documentary photographer’s eye

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