2013 China nternet community forum held successfully in Hangzhou

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December 6th, Hangzhou Daily Newspaper Group Co sponsored by the Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, Hangzhou, nineteen floor, Network Inc hosted the 2013 Chinese Internet community forum held in Hangzhou. The Internet community elite and excellent domestic media people gathered in West Lake, around the theme of breakthrough and innovation to carry out a real "dialogue".

as the Hangzhou network culture festival brand activities, the Internet community forum has been successfully held three sessions.

from the Tencent, Baidu, Sohu, Sina, Tianya, mop.com, ifeng.com, mafengwo, Ai Rui, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn, West Temple and other institutions around the company, "the era of mobile Internet content production and dissemination", "Community Innovation — revolution or reform", "the transformation of traditional media and the direction of the path" themes in a lively exchange.


community is the second largest Internet timeliness content output source, a large number of high-quality information for the users of community users based on domain specific content, breadth and depth of information is unmatched by other products, will continue to be high-quality Internet resources." Baidu senior product architect Wang Tao, in the sharing of the source of Internet information and the forum highlights the potential of large data community.

Tencent social platform marketing director Zheng Xiaobo shared the secrets to build your brand social force ". He believes that the social network of trains to accelerate forward, do not expect it to stop, so we have to take the initiative to establish a "wet" relationship with the customer. Don’t just think of your customers only in catch performance, there must be a win-win thinking, friends, care about what customers care about, see what you can find……

Sohu IT editor Pan Yuefei Hangzhou media people born. Site to explain the changes in the media of the Internet, emphasizing IT from the media age of our services to return to the people. Ant cellular products director Huang Yuecheng shared in the community "face" and "lining", Zou Lei Ereli co-founder and vice president of share to the development trend of mobile internet……

The organizer of the forum of the 19

floor, as China’s largest local life service platform and communication space, has become an indispensable part of the life of tens of millions of users. In the forum site, urban express president, chairman of the nineteen floor Yang Xing said: I hope these through multi angle, the actual wisdom of the collision, the Internet community development can bring useful inspiration. The nineteen floor founder and general manager Lin Yu, share these 19 years building step by step, germination, growth, fusion, "19 floor is very lucky, founded in the Internet developed, commercial prosperity in Zhejiang, tens of millions of users and friends from all walks of life to get help and support in the development process, is also welcome everybody often thanks! The 19 floor, share the experience of life, and the city friends help each other."

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