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with the rapid development of the Internet era, more and more enterprises to get more audience support in the field of marketing is also constantly developing new models and methods, including social networking, BBS, micro-blog and WeChat is getting more attention, the platform of how efficient use has become a mutual study the topic, especially how to use network planning activities to improve product sales, improve corporate image. The network planning activities must be fully prepared, the specific activities of the network planning what to do to prepare it?.


1, choose a good platform

network planning activities must rely on a good platform, so careful consideration of the choice of the platform, sloppy. The popular social networking site, is still BBS, micro-blog and WeChat and other platforms, of course not all platforms are suitable for enterprise marketing, in carefully chosen must rely on the data speak, so persuasive. In the choice of platform, the platform must be user groups, user distribution and user browsing time to understand, of course, not only that, need to think up from the user’s point of view, what is the value of this platform? What is bad? So as to allow enterprises to achieve Yangzhangbuduan, will maximize the effect.

2, the need for adequate preparation

network marketing focus on heat and popularity, network activity planning is no exception, want to be noisy in a short time, so that more users can focus on. It must also rely on our own strength, in their own strength in demand must be fully prepared in advance, especially the account collection and culture is essential in the network planning activities will inevitably need to rely on a large number of comments and interaction, this time a large number of accounts can reflect its value, can fully interact, will further to enhance the quality, quickly enter the next stage. In particular, a lot of network activities using Q & a interactive mode, but also need to prepare some of the common problems of users, and reasonable professional answer is not missing.

3, professional interactive

interaction is the premise of each network planning activities must have the only interactive topic can allow users to resonate, so that users can more deeply remember basic information of enterprises, so as to improve the enterprise image. A lot of interactive mode is the use of question and answer type, in the question and answer type interaction, must answer the professional degree, the reader can from your question and answer to the enterprise trust, rather than psychological conflict. Professional degree grasp at the same time, but also need to do a good job of affinity, affinity performance can reflect the service concept of the enterprise, the more detailed the answer to reflect the affinity, the good word of mouth no worry about it?

4, emergency treatment

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