Return to nature of management Ding Jie software can Senhe elevator speed of service transformation

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with the China made 2025 proposed, manufacturing services will become the new engine of China’s economic transformation and upgrading has become the industry consensus. Whether from the perspective of enterprise value chain, or from the perspective of industry value chain, service will become the leading factor in the value creation of manufacturing industry. As a German enterprise gene integrated into the elevator manufacturing enterprises, Senhe elevator is committed to the integration of the Internet makes the service more intelligent, only better "only reached the safety of the customer experience. During the Senhe elevator selection cooperation to strategic partner information – Ding Jie software for help, hoping to help achieve Ding Jie software to improve the management efficiency, improve enterprise intelligent + services strategy layout faster.

ERP+PLM get through the design and production of Ren Du two pulse

elevator industry as a typical mass customization manufacturing industry, each customer’s products are customized, almost every elevator configuration is not repeated, single elevator elevator technology No. 3-4 material produced thousands of materials, common in general 4-5 hundred stars, the rest are special material technology split after the purchase and the production of materials management, complex assembly material matching requirements. Therefore, the material is very important for the elevator industry, from the source to the technical contract to the production of the procurement, procurement, assembly of the entire process, any link errors will affect the installation and delivery of the entire elevator. What is more serious is that these errors are generally found only when they are delivered to the assembly, which will seriously affect the delivery time and product cost. At the same time, because the whole ladder production, the whole ladder of the delivery mode, material differences often lead to heavy industry, thus affecting the overall production rhythm. The warehouse inventory variety, material receiving and distribution management name must be consistent with the technology, production management, if the individual will lead to errors caused by the material production link abnormal delivery. Through this phenomenon, Senhe realized the importance of information management, and cooperation with Ding Jie, with intent to assist ERP+PLM system to change the status quo by Ding jie.

in cooperation with Ding Jie software before, Senhe manual single row, from design stage and production processes, to complete the data transfer. According to the Senhe production director Shen Mingming said: "the elevator industry special standard parts is very small, basically is non-standard processing, design into the workshop, the workshop by dismantling, by material processing manual, very easy to confuse, resulting in serious product rework, caused a lot of waste!" in the assistance of Ding Jie next, through the introduction of Senhe Ding Jie ERP+PLM system, from design, production to sales to the financial accounting data of the organic series, assist ERP+PLM system implementation by Ding Jie, making the whole process of the implementation of enterprise and curing to information system, realize the management demands of the development of standardized, standardized, material the design and production of integrated financial accounting standard.

work together to provide a full range of software applications

Shen total from the quality improvement, the improvement of the delivery period and reduce the cost of inventory

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