For the eleven Tmall electricity supplier double tip of goods piled up overseas warehouse

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"in November 1st, eleven days away from the full day is still full of 10 days, a large number of electricity providers are doing the final sprint for the annual shopping carnival. So, this year the electricity supplier had done what special arrangements? Whether can express than usual speed? Overseas orders can no longer be long in coming? With these questions, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter visited."

Suning Beijing logistics base

automated warehouse 30 minutes to ship

yesterday, the reporter visited the BMC Majuqiao town is located in Tongzhou Suning logistics base in Beijing. This includes a base and two reached a total area of 210 thousand square metres of the base is not all over the streets of Suning stores that consumers are familiar with, but in fact almost every piece of merchandise from consumers Suning purchase to go through here to enter thousands of households.


came to the logistics base, think in BYD reporters in the mind of the scene should be noisy, complex, and goods piled up racket. However, entering the logistics base, it is difficult to imagine the quiet scene here was once a year "for 11· – a huge warehouse lined with rows of huge shelf stage 11 big promotion before the goods on the shelf be in full swing, packing boxes neatly arranged, the automatic transmission system will be automatically transported to the outbound goods the picking area, the entire warehouse is only picking area to see the staff of the figure, the other areas are automated. Even the picking area, goods are in order, and there are not many courier companies that Montreal messy pile of goods.

According to Xu Wei, deputy general manager of Beijing Suning introduction, as one of the country’s five largest warehouse, Beijing Suning logistics project is put into use two years ago, in this year, completed the transformation of automation projects in August. At present, 54000 square meters of warehouse, all of the double shelves, that is, from the ground has been top to the roof, greatly improving the efficiency of space utilization, can achieve about the size of the storage of 10 million goods.

"goods to the warehouse from the warehouse, all have barcode barcode tracking, like every Taiwan ID and the number of goods, storage of goods being placed in what position all exist in the database to extract the goods; the system can automatically find the location of goods, and then by the automatic transfer equipment of goods from the shelves transport to the bottom. If large appliances, then have forklift below wait; if it is a small commodity is delivered directly to the picking area for manual sorting." BYD Xu Wei told reporters, in fact the significance for the whole system of bar code is not the case, such as an air conditioner, from the manufacturers of the products transferred to Suning started, it has a unique barcode, in the Suning procurement, sales, logistics and customer service service system, this code has been accompanied by products. "As long as we can be traced into the database, we sell every product to what to which the consumer’s home, how the current use situation, there is no maintenance service record."

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