A single brush company run away speculation on the channel money era is over with AL repaying merc

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in this black industry chain, many companies have been closed down, the rest is not a part of the struggle, is to make a transition to micro business.

In addition to the

side fried believe businesses, third party organizations and participate in the letter letter fried fried individuals have been included in the scope of Ali crackdown.


Ali search product manager thinking letter suggested that businesses, will be from the perspective of sales to product quality, service quality, and personalized products.



network operators in the world by Yu Lingyan


million on the official website of the world full of temptation advertising

recently, one called "Cang nine" friends broke the news that the customer portal website people suspected world Juankuan run away, many businesses and customer cheated.

then, Tianya, Baidu and other communities, businesses and Post Bar have burst test people post World crusade. The background information and the world trader and the billion business model also surfaced.

on the other hand, Ali search end to intensify the fight against the strength of speculation, and made a series of optimization in search ranking, with zero tolerance attitude, frying channel brush single hoist for sale and selling false reputation, bad businesses to crack down, and may pursue its legal responsibility.

as the external environment is getting more and more serious, the company’s own problems have continued to brush, brush era began to end.

third party can not live a single brush

people the world was founded in March 2014, is the Dongguan city peoples Network Limited’s promotional shopping platform, it is a professional marketing promotion platform, customer experience marketing and interactive website.

In fact, this is a

single brush, "a shopping guide platform electricity supplier for many years" the world "network friends told reporters, with the rapid development of the electricity supplier, a large number of third party scalping company came into being. The company’s profit model is very simple, on the one hand to attract businesses to the platform and asking them to pay the corresponding value as an active margin, on the other hand, recruiting a large number of customer brush. These companies once run away or closed, businesses pay the deposit before the test and the Commission will make sense of most.

‘s work is to Taobao customer orders, every transaction a single can get a commission." Chongqing Mr. Wu joined the world billion at the beginning of this year, become a test of the platform. He told reporters: "a world network", the world of business, customer billion national distribution of tens of thousands of people. People the world after the accident, he set up a "billion public customer, business rights of QQ group, the group currently has more than 1600 people, cheated amount from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more. Among them, many groups of friends are to the world company billion went to the person in charge, trying to get back to their capital, but the result is not optimistic.

Mr. Wu said, the world’s boss

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