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what are the mergers and acquisitions holiday



editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public "morning post merger" (ID:MW-Group), 36 krypton unauthorized release.

note: due to the Chinese New Year during the Spring Festival overseas mergers and acquisitions less, and did not release the previous week, this week, the world’s ten major mergers and acquisitions listed transactions for nearly 2 weeks or so important cases.

Johnson will be $30 billion acquisition of Europe’s largest pharmaceutical company Actelion


recently, Johnson (Johnson & Johnson) announced that it would acquire 280.08 Swiss francs all the shares of the company’s cash flow of Actelion, the total transaction value of approximately $30 billion.

comment: through the acquisition, Johnson will be Actelion Opsumit, Uptravi, Tracleer, Veletri and Ventavis 5 PAH drugs, significantly strengthened in the cardiovascular / metabolic field strength will be. In addition, Actelion’s multiple sclerosis drug, ponesimod, is in phase III, and is the most promising S1P1 receptor agonist after Nora Finn Gomo De.

Durex’s parent company intends to $16 billion 700 million acquisition of Mead Johnson


February 1st, Mead Johnson in its official website confirmed that Reckitt group (Durex parent company) intends to $90 per share (the total transaction price of about $16 billion 700 million) to its bid, but the two sides have not reached consensus.

comment: cross-border acquisitions and complementary will become a major trend in the future in the business. Reckitt and Mead if the merger is successful, will be complementary in large areas of the health industry, and strengthen cooperation in the Asia Pacific market discourse.

Tesco will be $4 billion 700 million acquisition of Booker


recently, according to "the Wall Street journal" reported that the UK market share ranked Tesco (Tesco PLC, TSCDY) has agreed to 3 billion 700 million pounds ($4 billion 660 million) acquisition of Booker Group Plc food wholesalers (BOK.LN).

review: the major transaction will provide Tesco investors a majority stake in the combined company, is committed to creating a leading UK food business.

River steel group or invested 1 billion 400 million euros to buy Slovakia iron and steel plant


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