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· China’s mainstream users in the end is what?

first said a puzzled question me for a long time, such as abroad, many foreign things are put all the people as the base, very few people deliberately do first classification, if there is something that is made after classification. Take the plane analogy, first invented the airplane did not think these things need who to use aircraft, until now, civil words can basically achieve everyone can fly in foreign aircraft in those foreigners the impression is a kind of transportation tool only, and in a few years ago some people in China love always speaks more or less will fly that hang in the mouth, like a symbol of the plane ride is a kind of identity. Of course, this is a lot better in recent years. There are some reasons for this situation more or less income, but if the aircraft in the domestic invention, the aircraft is likely to become the special crowd like a special tool, ordinary people even if the money can not sit some types of chairs, such as the eight lift six to lift the chair. Of course, this may be just a guess.

· the Internet today has gone beyond " the era of content "

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a while ago, the Internet came to the stage of social network, social networking itself is an Internet application, go to today, because beyond our original so-called content era, content is very difficult to create a cohesive and exit barriers, unless the original barriers, if the original is "big culture". The application is to make your own user precipitation at their own cost, the more time you spend, the more friends you, the more reluctant to leave, is a process of self precipitation, is not meant to have some one began to do well there before the advantage, because it has built a user exit power.

· webmaster marketing: Ali mother worth learning place

Ali mother launched, for the website webmaster, is also an opportunity for most of the network project, that is some of the regular station, for everyone can operate the project, the project’s rate of return basically is not up to the average of 1 cents a IP, that is 10 thousand IP profit 100 yuan. Including GOOGLE, of course, skills or cheating except, under normal circumstances, will be less than this figure, because the control flow price there, if you want to break this income, so it is necessary to study the inside of the unspoken rule.

· Chinese type Wangzhuan, what form is the most suitable for Chinese?

Internet in the beginning is very simple, may be just a few technical staff in their university to create, in order to facilitate communication between gadgets, inadvertently become to change the human way of life science and technology, and in the human population, any kind of behavior will include commercial factors, the Internet is no exception, start from that day really put into use, also entered the field of commercial network. < >

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