The first case of extortion 315 complaints network fined one hundred thousand

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is a cultural communication company set up the "315 complaints network", actually fake business and Consumer Association "consumer complaints", and then blackmail black hands toward a family enterprise. July 2nd, the National Federation of industry, beauty and cosmetic chamber of Commerce held a press conference in Guangzhou, said the plaintiff, Guangzhou, Australia biological beauty care technology company has been 315 complaints network lost economic losses of $100 thousand. It is reported that this is the first through the right to defend the success of the network fraud case.

Chinese business association of a responsible person said, including Huizhou ho company, Australia, France, the "white" overlord Biostime and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, constantly in the report "315 complaints network" blackmail and impose exactions on. At the beginning of this year, well-known brands of cosmetics "white" to the Guangdong industry and Commerce Department report said: "the site is located in Guangzhou 315 complaints network fake consumers, writing undermine the credibility of the enterprise content published," complaint "and extortion money enterprise.

at the beginning of the year, without complaint information Dr.White verified the "315 complaints network" website. Then, the 315 complaints network company to the emergence of the attitude of the third party, the name of advertising requirements to coordinate the matter. Helpless, the "white" paid 5000 yuan of money advertising. After receiving the fee, 315 complaints network removed manuscript. Soon, the "315 complaints network" and "white" sponsored by 200 thousand and 600 thousand yuan, respectively, as the site "complaint list", "enterprise Easy Access" cost. The "white" when will the site onto the dock. According to the Guangzhou Tianhe branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau survey found that "315 complaints network" is a private enterprises do, without any relationship with the consumer, after the court sentenced 315 complaints network compensation Guangzhou Australia beauty care biological technology company 100 thousand yuan of economic losses.

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