Thousands of black and white white national website stationmaster collective mourning in Wenchuan W

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May 12th

day, hundreds of Web sites across the country formed the temporary national webmaster 512 online memorial union ", remove the unified color with black and white white, to mourn the" 512 earthquake ", the website headlines have Broadcast Union eulogy" Wenchuan!! ". This activity is by stationmaster net, Zhuo school classroom, portal, proud net initiate.

in the morning, with black and white elegy played the Internet, more and more sites to join the spontaneous black grey tone trend, thousands of websites of collective mourning. Dongguan wedding website is taken off the home page, full screen sadness, Yanhuang interconnection website the same day to suspend the business day, there are a large number of Web topics or close the game entertainment channel, the webmaster to highlight the mind of collective action.

"a crack, the great national grief; giant earthquakes and landslides, and hand in hand; the million people united as one man, website, black and white mourning, grief long song. When we encounter this great nation of the Millennium rare natural calamities and man-made misfortunes when our fellow citizens, were buried in the rubble brick rubble moment, when our people’s army with both hands hard dig horizontal pressure in reinforced concrete under the life; when we are a branch of the rescue team trying to search for weak signals in the residual rock between duanbi…… Our hearts are broken, our nation is hurt, we are pain, the whole world is sad, all human beings are in sorrow, sorrow of pain from earth, the sky, the universe!…… Wenchuan Wenchuan China hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! China!!……"

fellow is gone, I hope they can rest in heaven! "Across the country hundreds of thousands of websites, to the song" Wenchuan! "We! Common eulogy, issued to pray in silence:" eight concentric, All people belong to one family., I reached the kingdom of compatriots all the way, I hope the injured relatives can get a hint of the motherland comfort, I wish the bereaved orphans and old people warm life, I wish the earthquake stricken people have stability and harmony. We always believe that China heart forever — United Nation — "

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