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station network (www.admin5.com) June 20th news, a Jingdong, Tmall, suning.com, Yi Xun, Dangdang and other electricity providers involved in fighting the giant electricity supplier promotional war, has killed like a raging fire. Unlike in previous years, the day did not suddenly appear flow blowout scene.

618 was supposed to be the birthday of the Jingdong, but it was a little too late. First came out of the ShangCheng Railway Station Tmall accused of forcing businesses two choose one, Tmall side denied, while announced that since the dig $400 million in cash to start in June to promote the middle". Then the electricity supplier giants have joined the promotion war.

is the "price war" is really a good way of promotion? Hold on the "price war", is the consumer does not produce aesthetic fatigue? NetEase’s Huihui network released third party parity data. Statistics show that as of 18 PM, Jingdong, Suning, fast and easy, Amazon, Dangdang and other war electricity supplier flow changes (relative to the afternoon of 17 PM traffic changes) were respectively, 36%, 49%, 61%, 12%, 20%, and so on, at the end of 3. These data are relatively flat, did not occur in previous years similar blowout phenomenon. Compared with the June 18, 2012 mall traffic rose 17 days compared to the same day, Jingdong, Suning flow rate has reached more than 114%, respectively, 175%. "This year’s price war is not focused on a point in time, but stretched to the whole of June. Into the major business promotion in June, and in 17, 18, 19, the formation of a small climax." Benefits network product director Wang Yan said.

so-called "low price promotions" tempted consumers, but also test the supplier. The promotion, due to dissatisfaction with the price of Jingdong is too low, the notebook brand manufacturer ASUS to suspend the supply of Jingdong mall. As for the suppliers, if the electricity price is too low, the store offline unprofitable, it will cause the supply channel price chaos. Stop supply to a certain extent, to avoid confusion in the channel, which may be the reason for ASUS to stop supply. The price of goods who should decide? Of course is the market and supplier decision, if the electricity supplier to pricing, the short term benefits to consumers, the long term may lead to loss of suppliers and make the market more chaotic.

Since the concentration of

electricity supplier price war was born, there is industry analysis, this development model focused on money may not last, but the price war is still a continued trend. Since the electricity supplier has the energy to continue, consumers also enjoy their success, but its consumer attitudes will become increasingly rational. Electricity supplier after the competition, the survival of the fittest is inevitable, only after the survival of the fittest, the market order.

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