New Weekly a Taobao County Rural electricity supplier test

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Kuang XinhuaThe

is the last piece of virgin land of electronic commerce, but its huge consumption potential only in the smooth channel after may be excited.

"I like warm underwear, how can you help me with?" in December 3rd, Hua Dongping returned to Suichang to participate in the county, the county government held the network to the general assembly, surprised to hear "shop Association of rural e-commerce service station". The chairman nanjiren Lang shop at Amoy excitement.

"to ensure that your product is good enough, but also much lower than the market price." Suichang County shop Association Project Manager Liu Zhijun set up a checkpoint.

"that sure, my warm underwear only forty or fifty dollars, in the supermarket to be more than and 100. I will give you a sample? I believe that you will sell. But you use the same ID to buy, I’m afraid Taobao fined me brush! "

"no, my platform has a sales function."

: "I have a suggestion. Can you register all of the villagers’ accounts and let them use their own accounts every time?. If you are not the same for each ID, my clothes can even give you less than five dollars."

Liu Zhijun temporarily speechless. Hua Dongping then explained: "data is the most important to our business. Card card, sales go up, my ranking will come. This has strategic implications for my Taobao store."

to achieve this thing in rural areas is more difficult, especially for typing will not even the old man to register a Taobao account."

"you help him register!"

help each villager to register a number, operability is too weak. You might as well sell clothes to make money."

WeChat may be able to achieve this feature."

"that would have to be equipped with an intelligent machine! We are now equipped with a computer and a display screen."

"if you give us information on the screen, we can also give you an advertising fee. Farmer uncle know us, but can not buy. We can’t solve the last mile problem."

"we can solve this problem."

"I’ll send you 100 sets tomorrow!"

KFC location for each village

East China business sense is correct. In the village of Zhu Minghua in October, the electricity supplier network, since November the Taobao purchase record is mainly the price of dozens of yuan of female and female and female autumn winter coat. The Taobao channel extends to every village project, as early as the beginning of 2013 began to design.

is the first to find the association of Suichang County shop is Alipay, which is a rural electronic financial team, they hope to sell insurance and lottery in rural areas. Liu Zhijun after receiving such a demand is very difficult, in the countryside to do insurance and color >

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