Thinking of doing business with the nternet inspirational orange nternet thinking is difficult to

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Chu orange is a kind of Internet thinking.

After the

era of big data, is not everyone can do not necessarily Chu orange. But the really big data will give young entrepreneurs found huge potential opportunities for industry, the past, the potential opportunities in the hands of a few people in relationships, resources and experience, but now, big data commercial applications are equitable access to any enterprises, this is an opportunity for smes.

by sea light micro world (click on the name of the title plus attention)

thinking of using the Internet to do business, in 2013 there are two worthy of attention, a natural millet, while a great reputation, is Chu orange, Zhu Shijian, chairman of the Hongta group before the embezzler orange. Zhu Shijian at the end of the last century for the crime of corruption was sentenced to life imprisonment, three years after medical parole, more than and 70 year old mountain of orange, incredibly successful.

has just five years in the circle when actually heard that Zhu Shijian of orange, I also wrote to praise in the column, said calm attitude, worthy of admiration. Zhu Shijian started when I was 74 for orange, orange fruit to 6 years, when Zhu Shijian is eighty! But I never thought that one over the past six years, the eighty-six year old Zhu Shijian was standing in the forefront of the Internet thinking.


Zhu Shijian of orange, did not think of the Internet, but ten years later, Chu orange via the Internet to sell well, there must be adequate guidance and push. When I see Zhu Shijian’s Internet oranges are successful, there are three key points, one is better to orange, sweet, which constitutes the first step of the user experience; second, Chu orange was given a positive, upward, and the spirit of the connotation of the story needs of young people to meet, or even be given a an inspirational spirit, this is the part of the value, in addition to taste, to eat orange Chu adds a layer of spiritual experience; third, Wang Shi, Pan Shiyi, Han Han praised sought, detonated spread, bred are able to perform wonders, Shanghai your orange. These three steps are indispensable.

Chu orange successfully leveraging on the Internet thinking, but this is not accidental, Zhu Shijian is no ordinary people, top business chiefs on 90s China century, although for various reasons in prison, but in Yu Weiyou, only after the mountain of orange body can be that the medical parole. Zhu Shijian is jailed on charges of embezzling $1 million 740 thousand, but he was released from prison for orange start-up funds to borrow ten million, this is the power of networking, from Zhu Shijian of orange soon, micro-blog V, real estate heavyweights Wang Shi has been watching, spread to the outside world in Chu orange story.

Chu orange is a kind of Internet thinking +, relationships, relationships, resources, experience and thinking of the Internet, not ordinary entrepreneurs can imitate.

thinking of using the Internet to do agricultural sales, from product planning, packaging and promotion, are infiltrating the Internet gene, Chu orange case not everyone can copy, but in reality a level slightly, with both the Internet and commercial power >

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