CN domain name under the site security situation significantly improve the malicious site to reduce

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, Beijing, November (reporter Zhou Wenlin) – McAfee, the world’s leading antivirus software maker, recently released a report on the threat of the global domain name, which shows that the threat of the top 4 domain names in the Asia Pacific region is the most effective. Among them, the national China domain name – CN domain malicious sites by nearly 20%, ranking 12 in Philippines PH optimization, the domain name is 11% less than a year, the Singapore SG domain name is 4% less than a year, common among the world’s largest top-level domain security situation before three.

McAfee’s report pointed out that, overall, the domain name threatened by improvement in the largest domain more concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, occupied the four place in the top five, including Chinese, Singapore, Philippines and Western samoa.

experts pointed out that the CN domain name website security situation has greatly improved, thanks to the relevant departments of the country since last year to take a variety of measures to strengthen the CN domain name registration management. Since December 2009, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other departments under the guidance of the national domain name registration management carried out a series of work. CN domain name and CN domain name under the security situation has been greatly improved.

from the 12321 report center, the national anti pornography office, Ministry of public security and other relevant departments of the data show that at present all kinds of bad application domain receiving reports, CN domain name website poor application significantly decreased.

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China anti phishing alliance statistics show that as of the end of September this year, the anti phishing alliance Secretariat received a total of 25905 anti phishing sites reported, identify and deal with phishing sites 25605. Among them, in September to deal with phishing sites, the number of CN domain name fell steadily, only 23, non CN domain name of 2789.

rising domestic anti-virus vendors had issued "the first half of 2010 Internet Security Report" shows that as of the first half of this year, the number of CN domain name trojan website dropped by 10 million 620 thousand over the same period last year, a decline of up to 91%. The report believes that this is due to the relevant state departments for the domestic website, domain name strict management.

experts said that the relevant state departments to strengthen the management of the CN domain name registration effect is emerging, the cost of illegal, it makes criminals use the CN domain name making bad website application threshold and legal risks are greatly increased, directly to the CN domain name of the malicious web site number was significantly reduced, the overall safety coefficient of CN millions of websites also at the same time make a substantial upgrade.

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