WeChat 5 commercialization of the first copy of Shanda literature behind the impact on the literary

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[IT] Sohu news (Wang Congji) Ali micro-blog shares the latter commercial exploration finally landed, widely believed to form so micro-blog against WeChat pattern. So WeChat now what are you doing? Famous senior WeChat enthusiasts, Pippi wizard assistant president Guan Peng said, WeChat 5 version as early as this month on the line, and the main function is for the new WeChat public platform of commercial road spreading.

Guan Peng revealed that the new features of WeChat 5 are almost related to the public platform:

1 WeChat public accounts push subscription function: the account operators may require attention paid subscription.

2 online payment function: WeChat will be opened with the money paid, WeChat officially has a payment function; in addition to WeChat to add mobile payment function, the function to complete the two-dimensional code scanning.

3 WeChat game platform may be on the line: Tencent interactive entertainment business group has been confirmed to be the development of WeChat game platform, but not open to the outside world, the platform is likely along with WeChat 5 on-line.

4 WeChat public account information is classified: public account information will be separated, unified classified into a single message entry, click on the user will be launched.

After the completion of the first three

update, we found that WeChat is going to build a commercial platform to encourage users and businesses on the basis of the establishment of the business model of the road. After the new features on the line, many of the traditional Internet services can be borrowed in WeChat to enter the mobile Internet, we can simply look at a few examples:

Literature: WeChat public account subscription subscription function for non free information network services, especially the network literature is very match. Currently the major literary sites are exploring the mobile Internet, WeChat 5 provides a natural platform for these sites.

however, WeChat may be greater than the opportunity for literary website impact, because WeChat provides communication channels and charging channels the key network writer, have their own channels, who would go into with the network literature website? WeChat launched subscription function, network writers have solo almost can be predicted, WeChat 5 the first copy is likely to be a grand literary and other network literature website posterior.

electricity supplier: there are many electricity providers in WeChat opened a public account, but lack the means to pay the account is primarily used as a customer service channel, where the customer in order to enable the users to complete the payment in WeChat, WeChat even in the built-in browser is developed based on the web page to pay, but the actual experience is not smooth. WeChat open the payment link is bound to be welcomed by the electricity supplier.

paid information: Although the Internet most of the information is free, but there are still a lot of information for a fee, which is representative of precious metals futures trading information website, these websites often need to use.

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