Yueyang’s smallest female webmaster entrepreneurial path

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this is a true story, the characters in the story called Liu Ni, where it took place in Yueyang, perhaps you are not familiar with the characters in the story, the story of the events we don’t know, because she has no real success, but I believe that through her perseverance and confidence will as soon as possible, to write about her story, hopes to introduce her, let more people know about entrepreneurship, trapped and bitter women face in the business. At the same time also give friends who want to start a business or as a reference for the successful people, but also hope to give valuable advice to Liu Ni, jointly contribute to the construction of information technology in Yueyang.


a chance to meet Liu Ni, it is at a discount in Yueyang group party, later learned that Yueyang discount group group is her first meeting, conversation is not much, just a few simple introduction by her that she is a free occupation network entrepreneurs, operating a life consumer discount nets, site name is "I love", then it is not very deep impression, and later in an activity and meet her, and she was familiar, is also known for her "I love discount nets". Through her recommendation into her website, naturally became her OI card member, after becoming a member of her website what activities are call or send messages to me, contact us more days, to understand her life on the other side in different entrepreneurial experience.

Liu Nisheng in Yueyang, grew up in Yueyang, working in Yueyang, met Liu Ni, she looks very talkative, love to laugh, a bit like a student, rather than work clusters, like free entrepreneurs, but she is the youngest of Yueyang female webmaster, she is to provide consumer life services to Yueyang thousands of shop and tens of thousands of people with their own style, opened her career dream tour discount nets.

In fact, Liu Ni’s early work with

network and no association, like the other girls, will only use the QQ chat, listen to music, watch movies, do not know the network can do so many things, in fact, in the network of friends may also with Liu Ni’s early thoughts, only know how to enjoy the resources on the network and do not know how these resources are made.

1, found business opportunities

since Liu Ni engaged in the work related to the network, to understand the relevant knowledge of the network and know how to find their own information on the Internet, the vision of the Liu Ni broadened, a wide range of knowledge. A chance to see at home entertainment in Taiwan to talk about the topic of consumption, struck a chord with her, why need to get so rich in local streets every day discounts? If you can understand that this information is not rich and colorful out? A series of questions in Liu Ni’s mind on. A few good sisters and shopping together, wearing high heels, the sun, the sun umbrella in the store, the mall. "I am so tired ah, if one day without shopping can satisfy our curiosity as well". Those who said no, the listener interested, he pulled Liu Ni’s heart.

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