COM domain name from the acquisition of a new round of COM domain name investment fever struck

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recently, VeriSign has released "the fourth quarter of 2010, the domain name industry report". The report said that as of the end of the fourth quarter, the total number of global top-level domain registration reached 205 million 300 thousand, an increase of over the previous year by up to 6.3%. The total number of new registrations.COM and.NET domain is about 7 million 600 thousand, compared with the same period last year increased by 4%. At the end of February, the United States.COM domain accounted for 73.9514% market share, as the leading international domain name for the momentum is still strong. While the domestic domain name market, a total of 3959488.COM domain name, although the number is less than the United States, but the market share is as high as 85.0334%, in the CN domain for policy reasons fall under the condition of.Com year by year, in the domestic market near monopoly. Although compared with 85.2474% in December last year, the market share declined slightly, but in the domestic.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO and.BIZ as the leading top-level domain name market, the net growth rate remains the first domestic domain, the market has gradually get rid of before the Internet regulation, market eased.


view of the investment market, the success of domestic several big.Com domain name trading in the near future, or will trigger a new round of investment fever.Com domain name. The first is a high school teacher from the Tencent purchased Larry domain, for Tencent and the originator of the Groupon joint venture group purchase group purchase site gaopeng. said the transaction price as high as 980 thousand, and an industry veteran of the industry sources, the actual transaction price or close to 5 million, far exceeding market expectations, it can be seen that the Internet terminal company attaches great importance to the value of the domain name Larry.Com, costly acquisitions; in almost at the same time, the Jingdong purchased 3 million mall news spread like wildfire. The Jingdong store has been used is the, has been criticized outside and people use habits inconsistent, is far from its brand. The high price of, Jingdong mall to further create brand effect. Two well-known Internet Co offer Larry COM domain name can be found in the case, e-commerce market is being ushered in a new round of development of the enterprise, but also know how the value of the domain name. In addition to their own services, brand building will play a more important role.

Larry.Com domain name for the great application value in electronic commerce, digital.Com and short domain name short enough, also known as the king of the digital domain. In the domestic domain name market, with the king of digital domain name also recently returned home. as the network domain name, meaning good, easy to spread, more precious. Registration has been 16 years of history, has been in the hands of foreigners. The acquisition of the Chinese people, although the price is not disclosed, but the industry is estimated that the price is not cheap. The domain name announced to enter the field of group purchase, Gaopeng challenge authority.

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