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Admin5 station network August 7th news is committed to providing a second-hand housing rental information website anjuke recently re Jingwei venture capital investment of $10 million, which is already partners on the site of the third round of investment, a total investment of $22 million. Anjuke founder and CEO Liang Weiping said recently in an interview with CBN, the financing will be the last round of financing, the company is expected in the fourth quarter of next year to have the NASDAQ listed conditions.

money to each housing

actually, for consumers, including housing is not a short duration of time things on the Internet, whether it is a portal Soufangwang, Locke, is the focus of the real estate network, the second-hand housing channel basically can realize this function. "But Liang Weiping was the first to realize that he could do it as a man." I love my family, deputy general manager Hu Jinghui told reporters.

and part of the site to advertising as the main source of income is different, anjuke will remain locked in each income housing itself, whether the user clicks on a second-hand housing information, or call a anjuke provide new telephone consultation, there are brokers or developers to pay for their. According to Liang Weiping introduction, in Shanghai, second-hand housing published package is divided into four grades, from 900 yuan per quarter to 1650 yuan per quarter, were also published more than 30 brokers to provide information and various value-added services. But it can not stop the broker to lure consumers to call the case of false prices.

long ago, anjuke launched the business houses in Shanghai, and refined to each housing, to provide a unified telephone consultation for the user, and then transfer the call to the sales offices of the corresponding real estate through different extension. A turn to connect the process, developers need to pay for each call 50~500 yuan ranging from the cost.

it is understood that at present already off the site will be open to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and other 10 cities. The site in Shanghai and Beijing, the number of paid brokers are more than 10 thousand, the number of regular use of the country to live off the number of paid brokers around 50 thousand.

, according to Liang Weiping introduction, the current average monthly payment of each broker to live off the cost of about 400 yuan, according to this figure, live off monthly revenue of about $20 million. But even so, live off just to achieve a positive cash flow.

traditional brokerage companies wary of

is a portal of real estate Soufangwang, Locke and focus network three website of second-hand housing channel is to supply the main list, but its main income comes from the brokerage company to pay through the port, port, unified stores each brokerage listings to the release site.

but the pattern of live off broker fees are being emulated by some peers. SouFun, for example, the site of the second-hand housing channels, pay brokers have become the main push of a project, and they

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