WeChat public meeting revealed a murderous look the most valuable information here

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note: WeChat · titanium media yesterday; public communication will keynote the "WeChat open", once again confirms Ma Huateng at the weekend Chinese Entrepreneurs Club director visits the position, which he will encourage out part of the business "WeChat function outsourcing", Ma Huateng gives two reasons: first, he believes that the Tencent is not the internal team good in many areas, do not understand the needs, lack of imagination, not the core resources, need to put these things to others to do (open); second, once all the business by themselves to do what needs to re start, try to construct iterative solutions and products, the progress is too slow (to avoid the waste of resources).

WeChat payment function and the official release of the scene is the highlight of yesterday’s partner conference. (see "WeChat titanium sister reported yesterday to pay the killer is the scene, rather than pay") titanium media one experience field product display area of the various types of public service, intuitively, by WeChat to pay to achieve three functions: Home Furnishing (intelligent remote operation, Haier intelligent air conditioning future TV through public number implementation of video on demand), mobile e-commerce (WeChat in the mall fast and easy one click), O2O (closed loop transaction scan two-dimensional code payment self-service vending machines and WeChat buy + two-dimensional code verification coffee shop), more prominent WeChat essence, I/O, input / output system.

public meeting revealed the future of WeChat which valuable information, small titanium Jun combing as follows:

a public platform: WeChat will set off to APP wave

WeChat vision in fact illustrates the trend of the future of intelligent terminals: every public number is a APP.


currently has 271 million 900 thousand users according to Zhang Ying, the current WeChat public platform has about about 2000000 of the public, and now, this number is still increasing at a daily 8000 new public number speed. "Although we do not know what these public numbers are used to do," Zhang Ying said, but the WeChat team can often see interesting, creative public numbers out.


Taiwan, acting partner.

two, open the foundation of the two: user experience and user privacy

Since the

of WeChat since October 2010 officially launched, many functions gradually developed, from social games to the expression package, then today officially released the WeChat payment are basically in the "coy", all the rhythm of birth. Today, has been updated to version 5 of WeChat, there is still room for improvement in user experience.

WeChat has accumulated more than 200 million users, the user scale so many partners in droves. Today held in Guangzhou, WeChat · public meeting, Zhang Ying, deputy general manager of WeChat’s product department, said frankly that the pressure is great, the so-called pressure, the main

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