Google starts to display up to 4 search results for a separate domain name

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Google once said in August this year they test for a keyword that shows more than 2 from the same domain name search results, today they announced the expansion of this presents a number of results from the same domain name search results, search for "MoMA" (Museum of Modern Art), according to the previous principle will only show two from the official website of MoMA domain name search results entry, and now they will this limit has been increased to 4 (below). Even if the link has been found in the rich text summary below the first search results, the results of the search results are listed separately below. Because the Google algorithm can now be more sure you search for "MoMA" is to get information from the Museum of modern art, it is the most authoritative information on the official website of the most accurate, why not give a few links to



what does this mean for the majority of people, on the one hand, if you’ve been on the bottom of the first page, you may be kicked off to page second. On the other hand, when the user wants to search is your website, you will get more exposure, in the search results show more information from the website. Of course, this does not always happen, only in the Google for those who are very sure that the keyword will appear so extreme search results page.

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