Dai Zhikang talk about WeChat two dimensional code operation learn to focus on the results

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Dai Zhikang, deputy general manager of Tencent life service electricity supplier

In September 19th

caifutong 7 anniversary of the communication meeting, the Tencent life service providers Department Deputy General Manager Dai Zhikang in "the Internet should be how to operate" about WeChat two-dimensional code O2O potential for the future, he also believes that as the Internet to the traditional industry to bring reform, rather than changing.

Dai Zhikang believes that the traditional Internet operators to focus more on the reputation and brand "process", which is more important for businesses to shop rate, is on the influence of "final sales results", come up with the solution is to use the two-dimensional code, the combination of LBS. He also cited the founder of WeChat, Zhang Xiaolong said, the search box is PC Internet portal, two-dimensional code is WeChat’s Internet portal". At the same time as the chain itself, each user has the potential to become a friend to buy the "sparks of fire effect".

Dai Zhikang was a well-known venture sample after 80 generations, the widespread use of domestic forum Discuz system from his Comsenz. Comsenz in August 2010 was the acquisition of Tencent, Dai Zhikang, deputy general manager of Department of life service providers.

The following is the speech Dai Zhikang excerpt:

how to do the operation of the Internet, we usually look at three basic data, pull new, reflux and retention. Pull a new representative I make a website, how many new users to say to me, how many new users a month? What to return? Last month to the user, not to last month, this month again, this is called back. The last one is retained. Last month, last month, and this month, too. Some of this stuff sounds very clumsy, but it is really in the daily operation of Internet, including Tencent each product managers are looking at this data, this is a very basic operating system of Internet data.


Internet businesses are looking at? They flow, price and so on. We concluded that a very wonderful thing, the service sector businesses so far, more concerned about a result value. What is the result? We get the company ‘s financial statements, called results, which is the result of a series of work.

when we do the daily operation of the Internet, we are more concerned about the process value. For example, the number of new users, how much reflux rate, we may not be reflected in the sales revenue, but it must be to some extent affect your sales revenue. So bring us and the traditional service industry to deal with when an important similarities and differences.

we found that in fact, inside the Internet service, we are more concerned about is a process, in the process of data control, in fact, constitute the basis of Internet operations.

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