The national anti pornography jurisprudence site more than 60 thousand a year off

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investigated two cases of nearly 4000 cases, investigate and deal with the relevant personnel involved in the


has 6 batches of 516 informants to honor a total of $526 thousand bonus

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at the end of 2009 to 2010, a full social participation, unprecedented efforts to combat Internet and mobile phone website pornographic information attracted widespread attention from all walks of life, all localities and departments to seriously implement the central requirements, work together, due diligence, with remarkable results, the spread of pornographic information has been effectively curbed, the network environment has been further purification.

comprehensive clean-up remediation

measures to increase the intensity of

since November 2009, the national anti pornography working group office to quickly adjust the focus, targeted deployment of a series of work, all localities and departments and the telecom companies, and resolutely implement the central deployment, from investigating the case, site management, technology, legal protection, social supervision and other aspects to carry out safety regulation, and earnestly safeguard the order of the network, take a series of measures, and achieved a series of achievements.

96% of the country’s provinces and cities in the "action plan", "education", "clean up sites", "investigating the case" and "source control" and "technology" and "accountability" seven inspection work "good performance". Around the provincial telecommunications regulatory authorities to monitor the site filing rate reached more than 90%, the accuracy of the record information has reached more than 80%. In addition, telecom, mobile, China Unicom and other local infrastructure operators also take practical measures, a clear improvement from the business promotion channels, mobile phone website access server, mobile phone charges, layers of sublease and other related links.

with all of the network of jurisprudence criminal crime intensified, a number of pornographic publications in particular cases successfully solved key cases of network dissemination of pornographic information.

Fujian, Sichuan and other places uncovered hire foreign server open pornographic websites case, Guangdong Jiangmen "7· 01" principal network spread pornographic information was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months, Jiangsu Wuxi "12· 02" principal mobile phone website to spread pornographic information case sentenced 11 years in prison, the principal Sichuan Ya’an "capital network spreading pornographic information was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and fined 600 thousand yuan.

explore the formation of regulatory mechanism

social participation to expand the effectiveness of

departments across the country gradually explore the formation of a number of well-established mobile phone network monitoring mechanism.

Communication Management Bureau of Jiangsu province and the province 13 Internet culture, security, special content management departments to establish a coordination mechanism, regulation of the Internet blacklist management mechanism, public security network security departments to carry out the "into the site, into Internet cafes, Internet users" activities, "

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