Zhang Xiangdong how the ship boarded the mobile nternet

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reporter Liang Junyan


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| Wang Zhao

Zhang Xiangdong did not eat the feast of the Internet to the PC, but he struggled to plunge into the mobile Internet wave. If the Chinese Internet at the beginning of the birth of the Internet and the birthplace of the United States there is still a difference in time, in 2010 set off a wave of mobile Internet in China is completely synchronized with the world.


as of fifteenth Century the age of discovery in the navigation technology breakthrough, in twenty-first Century the mobile Internet technology will also Chinese companies into the Internet era, the Tencent of Ma Huateng, UC excellent, as are the tentacles of Yu Yongfu overseas. Zhang Xiangdong’s work is similar to open up a new route of merchant ship captain, he developed the GO desktop like a fleet, the Chinese Internet companies will continue to develop good products shipped overseas, and then sold to foreign users.

March 26, 2014, Zhang Xiangdong, President of digital jiubang announced earnings for the first time since listing, as of the fourth quarter of 2013, total downloads of its strategic product GO series Google Play ranked third in the world, second only to Facebook and Google, the GO desktop users worldwide reached 269 million, 70% of users from overseas. This also allows the GO desktop has become one of the most important distribution platform for domestic mobile phone applications overseas, Zhang Xiaolong’s WeChat and Fu Sheng Jinshan cleanup master to expand overseas markets are required to help it.

in the mobile Internet wave, Zhang Xiangdong GO desktop equipped like many China entrepreneurs leading Western business ship, ships can sail with the wind on the sea, the captain of the key to determine the wind direction and ocean currents.

company released earnings 5 days ago, 37 year old Zhang Xiangdong sitting in his Beijing office, the Milky Way SOHO mobile phone application, backtracking why their concerns that mobile Internet future trends must be on the mobile phone terminal, the mobile phone is a terminal with networking capabilities and operational ability, certainly beyond the computer".

Zhang Xiangdong review their jiubang digital all the way from the 3G portal (WAP site), to hide "mobile phone heart" (running in Symbian mobile phone software) to do the GO desktop (in Android system APP) said: "the trend is right." But he also said, "the success of the accident is very large, you say what can tell this person is right, how did he know?"

he’s not smooth sailing experience, the "mobile phone heart not on the line" stillborn ", followed by on-line GO mobile phone browser and allocation of resources because of technical mistakes halted until October 2010 to start the GO desktop project, jiubang digital ship merchant to find clear sailing directions.

in fact, for a long time, with a lot of software >

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