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in almost all " search engine to the webmaster; suggestions, provide high quality content of " the similar items will appear, what kind of content is high quality content, search engines know how my content quality is high or low, in addition to the original, except external as everyone knows the links to these factors, there are factors which can make the search engine to judge your "


we should know is that only have the ability to judge the content of your site is high quality judges only visitors, therefore, the search engine only by monitoring the visitor’s behavior to evaluate your site’s content, specifically, the following two factors:

visitors pop-up rate: we cite a simple example, if you search through Google " Fuzhou property " Complete=1& hl=zh-CN& newwindow=1& q=%E7%A6%8F%E5%B7%9E%E6%A5%BC%E7%9B%98& =& aq=f, found a result of ", such as " Fuzhou real estate; fifth of the search results, when you click the view into the concrete results the contents of the. In this process, Google monitor, and if you view the source code, you will find that in this super link, there is a onmousedown=return CLK (0 ”, ”,’res”,’5′, when to press the mouse), the relevant information back to the GG you click on the page, this information can be used for GG analysis, and if you continue, the content of this site is not what you need, you go back and view the GG search page to view the " of other projects in Fuzhou; " search results, then GG immediately get feedback, the site visitors bounce rate is too high. Visitors view the end of the results, or the need for other results, then the natural judgment, the content of this site is not high. This is also a lot of means through the black hat will be upgraded after the ranking " inexplicable " K reasons, the ejection rate is too high.

page visits (PV): if a visitor to a website, most only see 1, 2 pages left, and another of the same type of visitors to the site but can browse a page or two average. So no doubt, the content of the latter than the former quality, but the search engine is how to know the visitors PV? GG, Baidu, YAHOO, three search engines have 3 kinds of common products can monitor visitors PV, website statistics, tools, union code, through these things, the three big search the engine is able to monitor the part section of the site visits, but, as mentioned above, only the part can be monitored, so.

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