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recently found that many industry groups often there are people in the recruitment website editor, yesterday afternoon, a leader of the Tencent in the group technology channel also clamoring to recruit editors, look at some recruitment website, edit the majority of Web sites in the recruitment site, it seems that the Internet is absolutely a sunrise industry, network editor is absolute gold occupation.

how to do a good network coding? How to rely on this occupation family? How to earn a good salary package to develop their own? How to achieve self value in this occupation? We should from the occupation career planning perspective on this issue.

News – Editor – Promotion – Planning – operations, is what I think of the network career development path.

in general, the proportion of network editing 70% news editor; the second is the community management; the 10% is the web page making technology. For web technologies that together, it is not agreed, the four software (Deamweaver, Flash, Fireworks Three Musketeers plus Photoshop), it is not a good web series. In the practical work, you have to face the problem, and the technical department will be passing software, will not be the boys found you.

but that’s not enough. In my opinion, will understand some software, application technology, just have a weapon, is hard work; in addition to hard, you also need to "deep internal strength", the five level is above.

I think, a really good network, must be internally and externally.

a news

on the network editor, just copy and paste the embarrassment of net-a-porter helpless, a large number of such posts flooded in the network, frustrating. But we must not look down upon this most basic copy paste". The establishment of the knowledge structure of people, like building a building, a brick base slowly piled up, can see the building. You can’t appreciate the true meaning of the news without the most basic bricks and mortar. You press paste more, You’ll see. which is good news, which is junk news, which can be a series of news, news which can track the paste, which news did not report on the idea, whether you consider replacing it with a better title. If you think of the news in the event of a disclosure event that you dare to integrate several news. When you think of an event is a major influence, then you should consider making a project out, to review the sequence of events. To this point, you have learned the news processing, organization and innovation.

once had a teacher said: paste – processing – organization – Interpretation of the four levels of network news. Me can only see the first layer, and the master can see the following layers.

if you do the news, do not have the ability to plan the topic, then you this news editor is not qualified.

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