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Abstract: in fact, if only as an investor, see six rooms and Songcheng performing these two enterprises, combined with the current "Internet plus" trend, want to pull them together? Six rooms now good profit, but for the greater development, the need of money.


"my feet shoes 16 yuan a pair, look at my dress, I don’t spend what money. But when I went to Hangzhou for the first time to see Huang Qiaoling Huang, I will tell you the truth, is the money to you."

March 21st, with 2 billion 600 million yuan transactions are on the six rooms in the teeth of the storm CEO Liu Yan, when talking about there called "six rooms sold 2 billion 600 million", he was very excited, but also a little angry. Liu Yan stressed that the six rooms did not sell, but joined the Songcheng performing arts.

March 19th, Songcheng performing arts announced that the proposed acquisition of six room Technology Co., Ltd., its 100% stake in the pricing of $2 billion 602 million, a premium of up to 68 times. A message, immediately caused a great disturbance. Do not understand the person, six rooms can actually sell the Liu Yan understand the person also puzzled: "not to say not to sell it? How to sell it?"


six rooms in the end is to sell, or join? Liu Yan is not short of money and why bluntly for money?

six room experience is just a microcosm of the popular online video. Just 8 months ago, at the end of July 2014, Hangzhou Columba group little-known video interactive entertainment community website 9158 of the parent company listed in Hongkong. This extremely low-key grassroots website is a non mainstream website — the main online show, and in this market segment has been quietly occupy an important position. The landing of the capital market, 9158 completed a reborn sublimation.

"Internet plus" strategy, change the traditional entertainment industry in the online video will undoubtedly become the capital of promising areas.

online entertainment grassroots power

has a "wild west" temperament of Liu Yan, and his six room is really like offbeat, six rooms, at the entrance of the "what panic" of the four eye-catching.

"2 billion 600 million sold it? It looks down on me. What selling? Sell stocks in Songcheng, it is sold, I did not sell. I have to work for several years, a lot of things do not do. Why do we choose Songcheng because I have a lot of things to do and I can do more in the future." Liu Yan told die Zeit reporter.

essence, six room is a show. In this mode, the six rooms to train a group of young anchor, through the Internet to show their talent, real-time interaction with the fans. Video shows, reality shows, love’s just a reward, a bit like the game "props" mode, but also with the flowers line like cabaret style.

this kind of performance is seen

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