National nternet nformation Office website user information has been investigated

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Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 10

(Hua Chunyu, Zhao Wanwei) 10 reporter learned from the state Internet Information Office, the number of user information was leaked events or some recent media reports circulated on the Internet, pay more attention to the Internet management department. Currently, the relevant facts have been identified by the public security organs, illegal personnel have been or will be severely punished according to law.

according to the spokesman, the recent investigation of the information disclosure of the main five.

is a CSDN, Tianya site was hacked. After investigation, the two sites had been invaded in 2009 before the data was leaked also occurred in the recent two years ago, the two sites did not attack. The name "smelly boy" Xu Moumou (male, 19 years old, unemployed person) for the purpose of showing off, in December 4th last year in the online posting said CSDN website data password is compromised, and divulge data packets. Now Xu Moumou has been the public security organs to reprimand. Public security organs of the two sites are being traced to trace the invasion.

two is spread on the Internet Jingdong mall site was invaded. After investigation, the site is compromised but the data is not leaked. The name "my heart fly" to a suspect (male, 35 years old, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, a pharmaceutical factory staff) in April 2011 found security vulnerabilities Jingdong website, in December 29th of that year in the clouds online posting said master Jingdong to announce the mall vulnerabilities, security vulnerabilities threaten Jingdong mall to pay 2 million 700 thousand yuan. The Jingdong does not pay to a mall site, also did not disclose this website, steal data. To have a suspicion of blackmail and impose exactions on criminal detention according to law.

three is a "YY" voice chat site to divulge data. After investigation, the Guangdong "YY" voice chat website leaked data, the Staff Department’s position from inside the company to steal the backup database. The site has not been invaded. The matter is being processed.

four is the spread of industrial and Commercial Bank of China and other financial institutions to disclose the data. By the relevant departments of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Minsheng Bank, Bank of communications investigation, confirmed that the system has not been compromised, the so-called data published online and the bank does not match the data. The name "kicked off the surname Wang (male, 24 years old) in the network promotion, in order to improve their website visibility and self hype, in December 28, 2011 in his personal website on micro-blog kicked off and fabricated, release the so-called industrial and commercial bank website user data leaked information, Wang Moumou has been the public security organ admonition.

five is spread on the Internet Sina micro-blog, Dangdang and other sites were attacked. After investigation, Sina, micro-blog, 7K7K, happy net website,, Eslite and other sites have not been invaded. Published on the website of the above part of the account password is someone using a network of large scale remote password to crack the password, the implementation of the password cracking of the identity of the staff has been locked, the public security organs are implementing arrest.


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