The stability of the site space is the basis of optimization of Shanghai Dragon

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after the first step of understanding, we can find the space business customer service, understand the website speed, call customer service to several websites to see how to access speed, if can better trial site space three days, we can see the upload file upload speed. Here the light technology Xiaoming to remind everyone that the website space are mainly domestic telecommunications, Netcom room, such as light technology visitors are basically in Guangdong Province, we must choose the telecommunications room, if there is a double, that is the best.

second: understanding the website space velocity

recently found a lot of light technology Xiaoming, looking for us to do business customers, they have the problem of "space is your good, stable unstable", it seems now customers are aware of the importance of website space, is the space website on the web site for a very important today, Xiao Ming share ray technology your experience, how should we choose the stability of the site space.

the first point: to understand the situation of

space operators

is the light technology to the customer to do business website, the website space is sent from the regular space business buy website, rarely a problem, the customer is very troublesome, if we buy cheap website space, website 32 days open, old customers to call the best, or their own trouble. This is the light of science and technology Xiaoming original, the original address is 贵族宝贝guangxian2012贵族宝贝/knowledge/22.html

this is the key, if the customer service service website is not good, a problem to find people, or their service attitude is not good, so the space business, buy their web space, we are bullied.

finally, buy website space not petty, regular IDC, such as network, Chinese name, these big space business, quality of website space is underlined, customer service service is bang bang, but their web site are not cheap, so not in order to save a little money, trouble yourself and we must find a regular space purchase website space so.

is now too many people in the website, so selling website space are also many, but many of them are people doing, so when we buy a website space to understand the space business, such as the space business customer service number, have 24 hour technical support, there is no record. If it is a formal company, these must have. We can also use the space brand name in Shanghai love to search, to see if there is no bad customer comments, if any, or other business space is wonderful.

third: customer service service

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