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single product demand

in building site that, as Shanghai dragon er or site, analysis of the industry keywords must demand, determine the site optimization and value orientation, in order to clear enterprise in the network should be how to develop.

, from the data, pictures accounted for 1/3 of traffic, and the importance of the full picture, and before that girl picture experience must be done, but most of the pictures for the steam website, user experience is very bad, the picture makes the word traffic increased, and the demand of users will change. The search will be more specific, more long tail words, so, with the "decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" the keywords >

NH designed steam for a period of time in optimization, before also wrote a similar article, so today to continue with decomposition and sharing. Similar articles: the same keywords different demand analysis, and talk about: steam website user experience how to do, the demand diversification, promote website in different directions. If today from an objective point of view is a little to share ideas, for reference only.


analysis of single demand, such as some special industries, such as: the decoration decoration industry, search keywords, search engine drop-down, picture is always in the first row, on demand analysis, analysis of Shanghai love index, a picture of this keyword flow is, and the decoration of the word alignment. Please look at the picture:

return to the special gas industry, whether this phenomenon exists? Of course for cold models, rarely have such a wide range of flow beyond, can see the popular models: sprinkler, tank truck, for key words, whether traffic beyond itself keywords? Please look at the picture:

, in this period of time in 2013, "the decoration effect diagram Daquan 2013" than the "decoration effect diagram" and "decoration" love Shanghai index, most of the traffic is exceeded, the demand has changed? Or the user psychological change? If a little on the decoration is not very clear, optimization the direction error of. In the case that the user when there is a demand for the latest and time, should choose the independent website optimization, instead of optimization at the same site, it will get faster ranking and breakthrough site traffic restrictions.

Keywords Because From the figure of

for a single demand, in the special steam website user experience in how to do already talked about, buy Truck users, at the same time for the cranes is unlikely, but does not rule out the situation, in the establishment of the time, do not hinder the demand for small demand, thinking a lot after the car into a single demand website the direction of enterprise website optimization, different choice of different ways, this is just my personal opinion.


[introduction] From figure



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