How to write high quality soft skills which are

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2. to write the soft no clue it may go to look at the article, you may get some inspiration in the soft while watching people. The author is to do so, because sometimes feels confused, don’t think of no inspiration, after seeing somebody else’s article, a sudden inspiration will have.

5. to add some pictures in the text, add to the main picture is to let readers see the text after a period of time can be.

, how to write high quality soft Wen

3. do not get, one thing to write soft taboo is written down to add some text on the inside, get the effect is not the same.

2. core content of the paper is to highlight, not east pull one Xiche sentence, to elaborate on the title.

1. general write soft skills is their industry to a better understanding of this, you can write more. The author also wrote many soft Wen, if write some industry and its different soft, feel very great pressure, write up not so handy, and to write their own industry association.


1. as writers, constantly to see people in the article, the accumulation of experience, to write their own soft Wen pave the way.

analysis technique

3. is a good article which must have their own point of view, the author wrote before is soft, will elaborate the experience of others, but not with their point of view, then in the process of writing soft text slowly found his ideas important.


4. the reasonable control of good writing, not too much or too little, to consider the user experience. For example, let you read an article, you will want to take a day to read? I think you will see more disgusted, too much. So, to control the text, so that users will not resent.

in A5 and the owners of the house above many other similar webmaster articles, the article also is the basic and the author of the article be roughly the same. Why people thought article can, why I can’t go? To tell the truth, sometimes my heart will complain about editing. Then again, they may audit more stringent, more will inspire our potential. Here to share my experience:

recently in the A5 above is no less contribution, every day one to 2 articles contribute, to be honest, personal feeling to write the soft skills is very general, not what breakthrough, write the basic content is the latest information from the Internet to see and explore the above. Sometimes I feel relatively easy submission, sometimes did not, I sometimes doubt their writing ability.

4. to write text in combination with the actual situation, not exaggerated and narrow. For one thing or things, must be clearly explained in accordance with the actual.

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